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Museum of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

Silk velvet, Swarovski ® crystal, fibreoptics and glass.

Created for the 2018 Scape Art in Public Spaces Biennial, Tunnel is the first fully immersive experience created by Beehre with her signature velvet and crystal process.

A curved silk velvet painting curls above the viewers head. Fibreoptic lights and ten thousand Swarovski ® crystals flicker as you move through the space. Below a mirrored floor doubles the height of the work and creates the illusion of a deep void beneath you.


Beehre hoped to create the feeling of floating in space but the illusion of space has proved too much for some visitors, with audiences holding hands or entering on their hands and knees to overcome the feeling of vertigo the work induces. Tunnel curves between two exhibition spaces, creating a disorientating wormhole. Sightlines are carefully managed so that the viewer must travel into the work before they understand where it will take them.

Tunnel is at the Museum from October 2018 til June 2019