The Hedge



A luminous projection the hedge fills the wall at the far end of a long dark room with polished wood floors. As the viewer enters the space the sound of their footsteps activates the work, cutting a leaf loose and sending it drifting toward the floor. As it meets the point where wood meets wall the leaf slips into the crack and disappears. More footsteps shed more leaves and the viewer becomes acutely aware of the effect of his presence in the space. The hedge is at once both vulnerable and undefeatable, rejuvenating as quickly as it scatters leaves so that even the most furious stomping has little effect on the dense green screen.



digital projection, sensors, software


collaboration with Aaron Beehre

Tiled Paintings

The last straight design / painting collaboration, this series of works were created in paint using a back to front method. By painting the images on to flexible plastic sheeting and working in reverse from top coat to background, the artists were able create paint tiles with a super gloss finish (once the support plastic had been removed). These were collaged onto the composition, providing a rippling jewel like surface.



acrylic on board


collaboration with Aaron Beehre

The Hummingbirds

One of the earliest collaborations between the Beehres, the hummingbird paintings were designed by Aaron and executed by Hannah, but begun in discussion between the two artists. The desire was to create something new and exotic, something of it’s time and stylistically ephemeral. The paintings bring together a snapshot of the bird in flight and the graphics of the moment in unexpected ways.



acrylic and oils on board


collaboration with Aaron Beehre